Strategic Knowledge

We may hear about strategic moves or strategic game plans, but do we really understand them? There are many disciplines that have theories relating to strategies, but can we define the full range of strategic moves?

The word ‘strategy’ is derived from the Greek word ‘strategos’, which translates as the General’s art, and illustrates a link between battles and political approaches. Be it a battle or artful, organisations and individual managers adopt a range of strategies to meet the business’s political, economical and practical objectives.

We say knowledge is the key to power*, but knowledge is crucial in planning. We use an array of knowledge and skills to plan, communicate and manage. However, strategic knowledge is considered to be different to the broader category of ‘strategic management’.

Strategic knowledge is a key element in communicating effectively, and in turn, communication controls key process issues in organisations. Implementing a strategic communication framework can lead to clearer systems and improved productivity.

*Knowledge is power – a quote by Sir Francis Bacon (from Religious Meditations, Of Heresies, 1597). Sir Frances Bacon was an English author and philosopher (1561-1626).


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