Research and audits

Our research

When writing, it is important to understand your audience. However, as a writer do we know if our documents are readable? What is readability?

Readability means the level of comprehension and the ease of finding information. Our current research is into the readability of Australian public information documents. We are investigating the relationship between the features of the written text as planned by the authors and the perceptions of readability by the targeted audience.

Our communication audits

We can audit your organisation’s internal communications system and develop a cohesive communications structure. We aim to define specific, measurable objectives for your internal communication goals. Our team works with management to develop an implementation plan that includes tools and tactics for an effective communications framework.

The value of benchmarking

Standard Australia’s requirements and ISO compliance can complicate your organisation’s internal communications system. Benchmarking documents provides another path to understanding your reporting systems. Examine your writing culture and empower your staff to benchmark documents, starting with the important Board Papers: go to



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